We never really got frustrated

I’ve never really liked the idea of giving up control, but i decided to take this trip nonetheless, and to my surprise it went fairly smooth. Although it’s difficult to plan for an uncertain future, i felt somewhat relaxed and at ease. It might have been that we only had one certain goal, to find shelter for the night. Whatever it was, i’m glad I participated. I traveled through Jylland along with two of my friends, and although we were a bit uneasy at the beginning I never really felt distress in any way shape for form. As time went by we got more and more used to the formula, we even used a song from the Muppets to stay upbeat and motivated, whenever the wait got a little long. We did however reach a somewhat critical low when we got to Holstebro. It’s a beautiful city, but there’s only a single highway through town and as it would happen, it’s illegal to walk alongside it. Luckily there was a friendly older lady who offered to guide us through the town. After a few hours of walking and dining we reached the other side of the town and were picked up almost instantly. We got quite far off schedule, but we never really got frustrated, which surprised me. All in all it’s nice to let the guard down once in a while, and while hitchhiking the stakes are never really that high. It’s a great way to blow off some steam and feel relaxed. That is in my opinion at least. who knows one might also meet some interesting people

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