Team 6: Anne & Mia

Starting time: 14:55

Departure time: 15:05

Waiting time: 10 min.

1 lift


Arrival: 15:45


Actual route:
We drove from Silkeborg Højskole. We drove on the freeway. She lived in Skejby so she drove through Århus N. And then we arrived at Nørreport.


She was middle age woman. Maybe 50. She had two kids. She looked really average. She was a little quiet. She had once picked some people up from the Højskole. When we entered the car she heard P1. She knows Dagmar, who is a student on the Højskole.

We are a little bit unsure if she is the type of person who would take everyone with her.


Personal insight:
She has been living in Russia for 3 month. Now she works in Silkeborg and commutes from Århus til Silkeborg everyday. The conversation was not that fluend and we didn’t get  an insane story and stuff like that.


Professional insight:
There were 2 more empty seats. The car was kind of old


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