Hitchhiking trip 101

Somewhere south of Toftlund near a roundabout on a normal Friday evening, we find ourself 40km from our final destination. After nearly 48 hours away from home, you could almost feel the energy, and motivation hitting you, while knowing that could probably only had 1-2 hitchhikes to go.

A young couple picked us up by the road, and as I turned out, they could not speak Danish, but only knew a few words in English since they were from Romania. What we could conclude was, they were going in the same direction, but should continue across the border to Germany. We were supposed to get off in Tønder, as there are two larger roads going straight to Højer from the North/Vest side of the city.

A slight misunderstanding caused us to be left 2km south off Tønder, since the driver thought we were joining them at shopping beers and soda in Germany. So we had to walk all the way across the city from one end to another, even doe we came from the North side at first.

Therefore, the point of all this nonsense, if you are hitchhiking make dam sure that both you and the driver agree on where the destination will be before taking off. So there will not be any misunderstandings, and if you want to get out of the car don’t hesitate to ask the driver nicely.


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