Team 3: Keiko & Hailey

Start time 15:35

Waiting time 4 mins

Departure time: 15:39

Drop off location Aarhus station

Arrival at destination 16:40


Actual route

We caught a car in Silkeborg as soon as we started hitchhiking. We used a local road to Aarhus station. The driver drove us Aarhus station directly.


Portrait of a driver

The driver was middle-aged Danish man who has experience of hitchhiking many times. He told us that he liked picking up hitchhikers because he also had the experience and knew how they feel during hitchhiking. He lived in a city right between Silkeborg and Aarhus, but he had an appointment in Aarhus, so he drove us to Aarhus station directly.


Personal insight

It was a nice trip. It was lucky that we could catch a car so quickly and get to the destination directly. At first we and the driver asked some questions each other and enjoyed talking, but we were not sure that what kind of question we can ask because some question might be seen too personal or private. If we were sure about that, we could be more friendly and hear more stories from him.


Professional insight

There is 1 more empty seat.

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